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Become a real terror of seas! Enjoy fantastic underwater surroundings being one of the most horrifying creatures of the ocean depth – water snake! Swim through beautiful oceanic surroundings, hunt fish, create your own family of little snakes and have fun with Water Snake Attack Simulator game!
Explore fantastically beautiful coral reefs full of colorful exotic fish, lay low near the large rocks and attack dolphins, morays and blue whales, which are afraid of you, or chase your prey to eat it at your underwater lair! Don’t forget that there are some other monsters like sharks and orca whales, which are ready to tear you apart, so be really careful and attentive not to become a prey!
Enjoy fantastic underwater surroundings being one of the most horrifying creatures of the ocean depth! Find your mate to raise your own little family of underwater snakes! Earn points for successfully done missions and power your water snake up to become stronger, healthier and faster! Unlock different colorful skins to customize your water creature and look more horrifying! Become the most dangerous creature of this underwater world playing Water Snake Attack Simulator!
You don’t need oxygen, so feel comfortable, ‘cause these depths are yours! But don’t forget to mind your hunger, energy and health indicators and remember: if one of them drops, you may find yourself dying in a really inappropriate moment!
Water Snake Attack Simulator features:
• Fantastic water snake simulator
• Various types of different sea predators to fight with
• Opportunity to raise your own family
• Picturesque ocean surroundings in 3D
Tired of usual animal simulators depicting ordinary and boring creatures? Then this fantastic game is made exactly for you! Become the unbelievably dexterous, dangerous and poisonous water snake and have fun with Water Snake Attack Simulator!

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