#117 Fall Feast of Candy; Corn Candy, not Candy Corn.


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The Candy Feast is an creation I’ve been working on for a while. The goal is to make you think differently about flavors. Inspired by a fall feast (a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the USA) we are making all courses in candy. The trick is to make this work, and we’ve done it.

The first one we made is Corn Candy, not to be confused with Candy Corn.

While we only have the corn candy to show you so far, this assortment will be 5-8 flavors in it. When it arrives you will have the full candy feast.

Corn candy is a traditional Japanese candy flavor, and it works so well in hard candy.

What’s better, we’ve buttered the corn, because it’s better that way.

We will do at least 5 flavors from the following list, but possibly as many as more 8 flavors. I’ll list them from most likely to least (The last one still needs work, but my fingers are crossed)

Sweet Potato
Peach Cobbler
A glass of red wine
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Sweet butter rolls
Honey baked ham. (Yup, and the best part, the ham candy is vegan)

THIS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL AFTER NOVEMBER 5th. It will be to customers, at least in the USA before Thanks Giving (USA DATES). If you order anything else with this order, it will all ship together.

A three course meal in candy. Art for your eyes and your tongue.

And this is where I leave it since if you are reading this last line you are really the exception. It means you should listen to my podcasts because you really like this channel. Thanks.

If you do get this far, try and find every corn related pun I make in this video.

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28 thoughts on “#117 Fall Feast of Candy; Corn Candy, not Candy Corn.

  1. Hi, I am trying to put in an early order for the fall Holiday candies, (honey baked ham, buttered rolls, corn candy, celery dressing, cranberry, yams, ect…but it says that I am denied access…what am I doing wrong?

  2. Dude. I'm from Iowa, where corn is life. And I'm not sure, but corn candy might be morally wrong. I'm horrified lol
    However, your corn puns make up for it. Keep up the good work, Greg!

  3. There is corn ice cream in Ukraine, I don't think it's traditional but it comes in a cone shaped like an ear of corn, and is quite tasty!

  4. Coming back after receiving the feast; enjoying the video while I savor the flavors! I've had other corn flavored candy before, this is the only one that I enjoy eating – the butter is so good. (^_^)

  5. It was so tasty! I'm sorry I didn't get more in my mix bag. I only got one piece of pecan pie. And OMG 😂 how did you find celery candy flavoring!

  6. Dear sir this has nothing to do with the flavor that you're making in this video but have you ever made a candy with anise flavoring?

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