2019 College Basketball Dayton vs #4 Kansas Highlights


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28 thoughts on “2019 College Basketball Dayton vs #4 Kansas Highlights

  1. This could have and should have been the 2020 NCAA National Championship Game. So said USA Today on April 6, 2020 in an article titled: “This is The NCAA Basketball National Title Game We All Deserved: DAYTON VS KANSAS”. In the article, it says the NCAA Title Game would have ended with Rock Chalk Jayhawk with Kansas winning on a late bucket, 66-65.”.

  2. I watched this game live. Had the refs called this game fair it never would've went to overtime Dayton would've won relatively easily. Refs were clearly bias in favor of Kansas on the whistle. Refs were calling a foul everytime a KU player got breathed on while not calling KU for obvious fouls on the other end.

    Dayton got hosed.

  3. Well played game by both teams…..can't wait for the big Tournament to see how both teams are doing !! RCJH

  4. Poor effort by Dayton in guarding Devon. Those layups made by Devon are crucial to Dayton's control over the whole game. Refs did missed a few calls.

  5. why are so many fouls called down low? these plays look clean to me, however i’m watching on my phone. am i missing something?

  6. Dok with the block and the Dikembe Mutombo figure wag at 10:35. Lucky a ref didn't see it otherwise probably would have gotten the technical.

  7. What a game. Both teams played really well. Both teams played their guts out and left it all out there from beginning to end. I'm very impressed with the endurance of both teams playing three games in three days and playing at such a high level. When Kansas got down by 8 in the second half I thought that it might be over, but they showed some toughness to get back into it. We have a game of the year contender and it's still only November. Dayton is going to be a tough out all year long and Kansas looks like it is starting to find it's identity, which is a scary thought for everyone else that has to play them.

  8. What a game. Great fight from both teams. KU improving by the game, and I would not wanna be anywhere near Dayton come March.

  9. Dayton gets no respect. From a KU fan, these guys are gonna sneak up on a lot of people, even in their own conference. They can PLAY

  10. 9:15 changed the outset of the entire game. I really wanted Dayton to get this one, great fight from them to the end though.

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