​​Brilliant beauty tips for a perfect look

Being beautiful is something that all of us girls strive for but it is a lot of work. We need to take good care of our skin, have a good skincare and pampering routine, we need to know how to do the perfect hair and makeup that suit our facial structure and, we also have to go through the excruciating pain of hair removal. So, in this video, we have some amazing and affordable beauty hacks to solve any problem that you might encounter during your beauty routine. In addition, we show you all natural ingredients beauty recipes that will help you take care of your skin without having to use any chemicals products.

Eyebrow threading is the most current and effective brow shaping trend all over the world, but getting your eyebrows threaded can be quite expensive, so in we found the perfect hack for your that can do at home. We show you a step by step tutorial on how to cut the thread tie it and then rotate it in order to make it functional. Not only you can use the thread to do your eyebrows, but you can also use it to remove your facial hair in general.

Contouring is a whole new makeup game changer. Since it came into the makeup world’s spotlight it revolutionized the way we all see and do our makeup. But without certain knowledge and techniques something that can potentially look fabulous, we can turn it into a disaster, especially when it comes to nose contouring. When contouring our nose the point is to make it look thinner and smaller, so we show you an extremely easy nose contouring tutorials just by using your tweezers. Watch our demonstration and enjoy your makeup application.

Freckles is another current makeup trend that has been circling around the past 4-5 months. And all of us girls are rushing to try the new trend. Freckles give our face a sunkissed younger looking skin, without wearing any makeup. It makes us all look 5 years younger. So, in this video, we found the best hack for you on how to get temporary freckles using henna. Henna will stay on your skin for at least two weeks so you can go makeup free and younger looking for a while.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant makeup hacks and tips that will make you an expert makeup artist in minutes. We show you how to pick the correct color foundation that matches your skin and even how to make your own makeup just by using one product.

0:13 – How to brow thread
0:58 – Nose contouring tip
1:17 – DIY henna freckles
2:03 – How to color match your foundation
2:54 – One product makeup look challenge
3:36 – How to unclog your pores
4:58 – Turn an oversized shirt into a crop top
5:28 – Beautiful rose nail design
7:12 -Alternative beauty blender
7:59 – DIY rose face mask
8:58 – Fix greasy hair
10:29 – Beautiful floral bracelets
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  1. Hey girls, do you prefer professional salon or at-home manicure? 💅🏻Nail hack for the perfect DIY manicure 5:29

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