Achieve Your Goals – A Blueprint For Indie Game Developers


Hey everyone! In this video I go through how I complete projects. Hopefully the blueprint that I go through in this video will be useful as a starting point to build upon and modify so you can achieve your goals! Let me know if you have any advice for completing projects by leaving a comment. I’m looking forward to reading what everyone writes.

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39 thoughts on “Achieve Your Goals – A Blueprint For Indie Game Developers

  1. Thanks for the help. I was trying to develop a game. But I always burned out. This is helping me to complete a project nice and polished.

  2. Hey i really enjoy you re tutorials i am 13 and i wanna be a developer i am from Romania i am working at a parkour game and i use your ideea with the lights in cubes but in unity it is a big problem can i because if it will be good i wanna publish it on steam thx please respound ! xx

  3. Wow, thanks dude!
    Your video inspired me to make this game: ,feel free to check it out

  4. Thank you for all the time you put into these. They have been a great help to me in the year I've been using UE4. I've been steadily improving because of tutorials like the ones you share and now feel like I can make a small and refined indie game in the next 6-12 months. Quick question: If I keep improving at this rate and set my time goal for 2035, could I instead make the greatest large scale game in history? (shoutout to your video about biggest indie dev mistakes)About 50% serious with that question but 100% serious that you are doing great work for the community. Thanks, again.

  5. This video needs more views! Has definitely inspired me to continue my work and continue to learn to make games. Thank you Matt!
    (Btw hello fellow Aussie 😀 )

  6. I really want to start game development using unreal engine 4, but I really dont know where to start, my goal is to make a low poly game or landscape even, but I really don't know what to do :/

  7. Could you please make a tutorial in which you show how to make those enemys(The ones that shoot.).
    Loving youre videos, keep up the good stuff!

  8. Very good advice. Can not be stressed enough how important it is to properly define the scope of the project. Probably one of the hardest things even when you do have experience, when you are learning then, it is crucial.

    If you are learning the best scope of the project is always the "MVP" (minimal viable product). You think of an idea and then you make it the simplest, crudest way you can get it done.

  9. This is a good point especially when new devs start overscoping things too much and that can kill morale too, thank you for sharing your thoughts in your video about it! 😀

  10. Hey Matthew :).
    "In the Rain of Neon Lights, Swim the Dreams of Forgotten/Flashing Nights …" (you can switch/shift "Nights & Lights")
    Very cool and i love the "simple"(<- it doesn't mean that it is easy to make) future optic ♥.
    [I really hope,
    that i can give you little Inspirations too ;)]

  11. I am currently making 2d Games using Unity. But for 3D games I'm thinking about using Unreal. I personally don't like blueprints, and would rather Code. Is learning the Unreal API relatively the same learning curve as learning Unity?

  12. If you made them in blender can you show us how you did it especially the lights I'm a complete beginner to game Dev and find your videos very useful and inspiring

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