Bannerlord Open World Mod! – "Kingdoms" Multiplayer Mod Spotlight [The Next Persistent World]


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45 thoughts on “Bannerlord Open World Mod! – "Kingdoms" Multiplayer Mod Spotlight [The Next Persistent World]

  1. I would like a open world single player mod, like. The whole map thing without that map overfview. Would be awesome to have only the map overview if you are in a castle or city of yours and make demands for your troops, generals, vassals and family members. But you gotta move yourself on the world, not fast travelling and not moving on a map.

  2. Why do youtube guys always have to make an uggly character in all videogames with avaliable character customization lol.

  3. the problem with persistent worlds is that it's too much tedious tasks and not enough rping/combat.
    i don't want to have to spend 2 hours clicking over and over again on a rock to get resources. thats boring as shit.

  4. EU phoenix is cancer, the admins side with the big guys who are known for being douches and single out new and lost players. I hope it dies out.

  5. So only game of thrones houses like in PW?? Hell no please. If it takes the path of PW its going to be ruined since day 1

  6. Do you know if the makers of the mod cooperate with TaleWorlds? Would be good to know that they can do everything with it what they want

  7. 08:47 isnt that kinda cheating if it was like this defenders would have infinite garrison. If you die the admin should freeze you so you dont come back again

  8. Will you be able to scavenge the dead after battles if you didn't fight at all. Say…you see a battle, wait until it's over in hiding and then scavenge the field for good gear and stuff to sell. Would that be possible?

  9. The biggest feature they need to put in the new mod….voice chat, that way i can actually pay attention to what someone is saying rather then seeing spam.

  10. i do like the npc guard thing, maybe be just factions just get a certain number of npcs to be serfs or warrior or whatever make the game feel bigger without people actually being on the server. B/C then people will not ghost cap forts as easy

  11. If i may ask but what new things have Phoenix Done for pw? Script wise and content wise, im an really old pw player and been there since start and know which people that actully done anything for pw, you getting drawned in in a dream of some kids/teenagers that got zero clue how to create a mod from scratch , the new pw Will be created by ethier vorne or jazora

  12. A mod for a game that hasn't even come out? Wut?

    Why not just hired them and stick the content in the vanilla game?

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