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“BARNEY THEME” [ChildHood HYPE Remix!] -Remix Maniacs

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50 thoughts on “Barney the Dinosaur Games – SpaceHamster

  1. Wait… you have a V. Smile? I THOUHGT I ONLY HA THOSE IN MY FEVER DREAMS OF THE PAST!!! THEY EXISTS!!! You get subscribble.

  2. Jesus Christ, I forgot about the existence of V-Smiles.
    Which is funny because I actually got one when I was four.
    To this day it still rots in some cupboard.

  3. in the hide and seek game intro barney was acually counting to ten and his friends were just going to find a hiding place

  4. Wait Sega made a Barney game?

    Sonic and Barney crossover confirmed

    Edit: and when Barney hugs the kids in the game it reminds me of the hug film

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