Bhutan's Attempts To Clear Itself Of Nepalese Will Shock You


Ethnic Cleansing (1994): Documents how Bhutan’s ruling Tibetan-minority are driving out ethnic Nepalese.

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Since 1990, tens of thousands of ethnic Nepalese have been driven out of the tiny secretive Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, ruled by a minority of Tibetan descent. Many have fled to refugee camps in Nepal where they tell a harrowing tale of Bhutan’s attempts to clear the country of Nepalese-speaking people. Young men are imprisoned and tortured and are freed only if they sign a ‘voluntary leaving’ certificate. The ethnic Nepalese make up 50% of Bhutan’s population and some have lived there for many generations. The Nepalese Prime Minister hopes that the people will one day be allowed to return. We go as tourists to Bhutan, to glean further evidence of the way ethnic Nepalese are treated, and find a country trapped in time where even TV sets are illegal.

ABC Australia – Ref. 63

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32 thoughts on “Bhutan's Attempts To Clear Itself Of Nepalese Will Shock You

  1. Many Bhutanese Napali in Bhutan still.. They are freely living .. How come only they are cheased away..

    One sided story…

  2. We bhutnease + nepali never said bad about nepal even it dirty road dirty place in Nepal refugee camp it fucked up but after seeing comment like nepal is beautiful I got angry and didn’t like that bc you nepali live in good place like king and we live in dirt shit place but at least we got to live I respect nepal but you guy made me anrgry and I said it

  3. In the name of refugee status, many of the nepalese make themselves appear pitiful. Nepalese in Bhutan are happy and they enjoy equal status. Thats why you don't hear one complaint.

  4. This was happened all because of Hinduism/bahun baat, and divide and rule conspiracy. This is bitter truth. Today, Nepalese natives are facing this situation no doubt

  5. It's a one-sided story. Bhutan refugee is fake and its a political agenda to destroy peace and tranquility of Bhutan.
    See the official article recognized by UN.

  6. I was a lot more curious what happend at that time as a nepalese too but what happened to these people were cruel,their home for generarions were destroyed and were forced for migration just beacuse they followed diff culture and what about the culture of humanity? What happened was not acceptable, but it was all in past and I do not think i should have any hatred toward the present Bhutan.Bhutan is one of the places i would like vist in future.

  7. Nepal should have strongly protected those Nepalese ethnic Bhutanese from evictions. Sad, we didnt or couldnt. India was major villain in thw whole saga.
    40% of Nepalese ethnic who lives in Bhutan now should fight for their rights. We are clan of warriers not slave.

  8. To everyone I am begging that please don’t blame our k4 ,there were no violence from both side and whatever our Druk Gyalpo did was for our country’s sovereignty and independence.While scrolling down the comments it is heartbreaking that there are many bad wishes for our country and especially for our Kings.Plese try to study about the history and comment..Our great four beged them to stay but no one did ….our country is half populated by them but all we wanted was them to wear our national dress while visiting Government places which was probably for our independence but they weren’t ready to follow stop blaming our country and ya everyone we can beat this coronavirus….fighting

  9. This vedio is totally not true…if you don’t believe than no one cares….whoever is blaming my country just visit it once

  10. Today i first time search about bhutan!! I am from nepal and they looks, speaks like us. Old grandmother looks like mine. Bhutanese government should think about it. After breakdowm of greaternepal. Lots of nepalese lies in himalayan region including himalayam india and bhutan. This all is cauae of british empire who breakdown nepalese people and difeerentiate their terriotary into different nation.

  11. I respect bhutan with this regard. Most people that were expelled were terrorists. But few people like shown this video suffered.

  12. Those people came from Nepal to work in Bhutan. One mistake people from Nepal made was when they were on foreign soil, instead of respecting and showing gratitude, they demanded a separate state where they wanted their own ruler, identity and culture while Bhutanese government was keenly working for "One Nation and One People" policy which was the only reason that guaranteed the Nation's security during that time. Those who didnt want to abide by the Bhutanese ideologies were forced out and those who agreed to abide by the laws can be seen happy among Bhutanese people even to these days. Their dedication has been rewarded and their culture and traditions are well respected and preserved to these days too.
    Those who fled were the people who wanted to go against Bhutanese rule on Bhutanese soil, so we are not sorry for their fate.
    and for this reporter, if she could have included her interview with Bhutanese government official, i would have at least felt sorry for those people. since she didnt, we know what she was up-to, to ruin and spoil Bhutanese image. Go to hell. People who stayed back are no more Nepali, they respected our community, so we didnt destroy theirs, instead they are now called southern Bhutanese for they dwell in the southern parts of the Nation and they are given equal rights and treated equally. we share no war, but a bond that made us family through mutual understanding and respect.

  13. This is the real face of Bhutan that the world, which seems so eager to praise their GNH system, needs to know about. I feel bad for my fellow ethnic Nepalis in Bhutan. They're bound to lose their culture, their language, their tradition, or even their religion. If this is not ethnic cleansing, I don't know what is.

  14. Some ppl might think this is untrue, but this true event that took place, while in my father and grandfather period. I was also told the same story this ppl are telling in this video.

  15. 2020: 7:20– Tourism is the 2nd biggest industry in Bhutan with about 120,000 tourist every year. 9:30-Dzongkha is not compulsory and thousands don’t speak it. 11:40– Wrong information drukpas made up 80% of the population and now make up about 75% 14:15– not anymore most Bhutanese including students like me speak the Nepalese language

  16. Sorting this out as a Bhutanese citizen it’s important to know the background story and what the situation is right now, in the 1970s the Nepalese in Bhutan opposed the gov and tried to make a party and demanded a “cultural revolution” and tried to get the support of political parties in India , this went against everything Bhutan is and the pillars of GNH now in 2020 20% of Bhutan’s population and decision making cabinet are Nepali Bhutanese , In 2020 Nepalese Bhutanese are the most intelligent and hard working people in Bhutan.

  17. Holy crap,
    I came here in search to find some more info of my country from the comments
    But all i see is hate and fights,now i feel ashamed of our country .
    I never wanted this to happen sorry if i offend anyone with this comment

  18. Bhutan rulling by India and Nepal too.
    We are stuck with our land locked country.
    we don't have option
    We have to begging with India.

  19. This reporter got the facts all wrong. Advice:go to quora and Search,u will find detailed reason for nepalese expulsion(justified).

  20. Look what happened to Sikkim. I think the government just took necessary steps to maintain its sovereignty. But the people are just so poor. Feel really sorry for them.

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