Car Craft : Block Cars City Traffic Android Gameplay


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Preparing for girls and boys, and car races are currently being built at the top speed, traffic jams and the vast discovery of the virtual space! Car racing games for girls and boys! Create city (city art), watch cars, chat with friends, race. Traffic! Build your car using craft cars and blocks in an open, endless world! Mine, craft and discover! Girls crafts and sim craft creators new free game Craft car games – the new way! Block roads and cars! Racer climbs the hill to the square! Start the engine and press the accident! The rugged city car for girls and boys! Beep vroom! Cars, upgrades and labor in a game! Preparing game with super cars! The fastest racer in the block world! Choose a driving vehicle you want! (Driving boat) Sports car, ambulance, police car or anything you want to ride! Parking – Be the princess or prince of the park! Compete with the highest speed! Be a final driver! Play the best car simulator in the open world! Use rugged motorcycles on the blocky highway! Take your virtual girlfriend and go on a romantic journey! Chat with people you meet, make an appointment with boys and girls, make crafts, build and discover! Design your own garage, build your dream house and super vehicle! The fastest racing game with building mode! Setup and drive! Car racing games for boys and girls! Free city builder game! You can do anything you want in the open world of car art! Hanging out with people exploring the world or going to a party! Play minigames dance, go to the bar or college! Visit the restaurant or take the metro! Preparing games for boys and girls (girls workshop). Build blocks (block items), create unique items, solve special power increases and elements!

Speed ​​Car (Car Simulator)
Building and building an infinite railway system
Build tunnels and bridges in a virtual world!
FPS car drive simulator
FPS route and toll system simulator
Virtual World
Animals And Pets!

Train Races
Snow, storm, rain
Cars and traffic!
Brazilian craft mode!


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