Chevron Cars 1995-A Look Back


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39 thoughts on “Chevron Cars 1995-A Look Back

  1. wow i miss thess me and my mom would go travile down south on the way we would stop at Chevron becuse thie arnt any in Michigan man i had them all well all most like 25 of them

  2. Ever noticed that the dogs that featured in some of the adverts were reused Gromits? Or basically they probably used the same puppet mold as Gromit.

  3. Thinking of starting a collection. I had Freddy Four Wheeler as a young kid, and in my later years found a very dirty Sam Sedan buried in a field near my house. He was all in one piece, but his eyes were busted outta joint and only got worse when I tried to make 'em recatch whatever little gear in there moves them.

  4. I have almost all of em'. I even have those pink cancer promotion (i think thats what they were) cars.

  5. I have summer scoop, the fire truck,the little blue and pink cars,maddie mudster,and hap e campper

  6. I use to have one of the Freddie 4 Wheeler Chevron cars. I regret selling my toy car. Glad my aunt still has one of them. My Freddie 4 Wheeler is not boxed.

  7. i still have almost all of them from long ago, and am only missing five from the main set (if we include the 3 limited edition ones)

  8. I have never even heard of these. I live in Ohio though and you don't see many Chevrons around here. I think Speedway is the biggest gas station around here.

  9. I have a whole bunch of these stored away from when I was a little kid. I collected them more so than actually play with them.

  10. When these came out, we stopped in the gas station and my father got me Holly Hatchback.
    Pretty nostalgic.

  11. Didn't see these in adds from our few and far between Chevron stations in Pennsylvania, but I do remember getting Hess Trucks as a kid

  12. Not too many Chevron stations here in SC, so I never even knew these things existed, but I do remember the TV commercials.

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