Chevron Cars Ad Montage


Here is a compilation of several Chevron gasoline commercials that aired throughout the 1990s and 2000s (and a few from the 2010s) featuring clay-animated (and later CGI animated) talking cars. These commercials have been airing in various forms since 1995, and a toy line was also manufactured from 1995 to around 2009 or so.

Cars in Commercials:

1. Holly Hatchback, Unnamed Car #1
2. Sam Sedan
3. Pax Power (possibly)
4. Leslie LX, Kelly Kompact
5. Tony Turbo, Tina Turbo
6. Unnamed Car #2
7. Unnamed Car #3
8. Moe Muscle, Unnamed Car #4
9. Unnamed Car #5 and 6
10. Unnamed Car #7 (“Chevrad” parody but I included it anyway)
11. Danni Driver
12. Riley Roadster(?), Unnamed Car #8 and 9
13. Wendy Wagon
14. Freddy 4-Wheller, Frankie 4-Wheeler (who has Dave Hester’s voice lol)
15. Nando
16. Riley Roadster (again)
17. Unnamed Car #10 and 11
18. Unnamed Car #12, 13
19. Payton Pizza
20. Taylor and Tyler Taxi
21. Unnamed Car #14
22. Blue Tony Turbo, Tina Turbo


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44 thoughts on “Chevron Cars Ad Montage

    My mother once said it could be out on December but never seen it and now I finally realized
    that not all cars are ever produced but the blue car appeared to be back and still only in commercials
    when all those collectibles got discontinued due to lack of demand, SHAME ON YOU UNLOYAL CUSTOMERS! 🙁

  2. Had to come back to my child hood. Its a shame some of my cars aren't in good condition but most are. Not sure if i would sell them since they mean so much to me

  3. These commercials came out when I was 9 and I'm 32 now. I've believed that cars have feelings for years and I'm sure these commercials are responsible for that line of thinking 😉

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