Collapsible Tabletop Bowling Game (skittlebowl)


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Skittlebowl is a table top bowling game originally made back in the 1960s by a toy company called Aurora as the first part in their “Skittle” game series. I designed this wooden version of the game to be totally collapsible and easily transportable. Game played with the same rules as 10 pin bowling.

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13 thoughts on “Collapsible Tabletop Bowling Game (skittlebowl)

  1. Excellent project. Here in the UK one can see many 9-pin versions in pubs and there are a handful of leagues in the country. This portable model is a great idea. Yet another project for me to make! Thanks for sharing.

  2. By the way, the links to your store use …/Store/… which comes up as not found.  your website is case sensitive so needs to be …/store/…

  3. Well done love ur vids im a new subscriber all the way from good mythical morning, where did u get your makers stamp from 🙂

  4. A great project mate, I can remember a game here in the UK the exact same that used to be played by old fellas in the pub when I was a youngster! I really enjoyed this and am now a keen subscriber. N.

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