Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Machine!


​​​Outdoor time! Butch and I get to go outside and check out a new bubble machine. This is the Crayola Color Bubbles!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: What a beautiful day to make bubbles! This machine worked great and it was great to be able to go outside and play with bubbles. Butch and I found it really easy to set up and once it got going we just filled it once or twice for the video! The color bubbles did end up on Butch, but it was easy to wash off of him and also my hands.


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Crayola Outdoor Color Bubble Machine

Fill it up and turn it on for a brilliant blast of colored bubbles
It’s messy outdoor fun that’s easy to clean up
Three 4oz Outdoor Colored Bubbles included
Colorful twist to a classic play pattern
Kids love color variety and adding color to classic bubble play energizes the play experience

Outdoor Colored Bubbles Triple Dipper
Unmellow Yellow
Purple Pizzazz

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35 thoughts on “Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Machine!

  1. A man named Tim Kehoe created Zubbles, which were vibrant colored bubbles. Crayola sued him and destroyed his company and put out this crappier version. Look up Zubbles and see how vibrant they were.

  2. I should so get this for my nephew because he's obsessed with bubbles and bubbles which are colourful he will love even more! PS: i watch your vid to get ideas for toys for my three kids

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