Disney Infinity : Frozen Anna & Elsa Gameplay


Disney Infinity Elsa & Anna playset from Frozen in Disney Infinity! This Walkthrough covers Elsa’s Snowy Slingshot & Anna’s Chilling Challenge with live commentary. Welcome to Disney’s Frozen, where a young girl sets out to save her Sister! Don’t miss out on all the fun as the Kwings Play Disney Infinity for the Nintendo Wii U

Disney Infinity Let’s Play Guide –

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47 thoughts on “Disney Infinity : Frozen Anna & Elsa Gameplay

  1. Help. My daughter just got a 1.0 system. with the (Pirates of the Carriabean, Monsters Inc, and Incredibles trio play, rock) How does she get the frozen world, when she places Elsa on she only gets the Toy Box. help.

  2. What?!! Cars 2 did Not suck to Me It was Awesome Its So Awesome Pixars Worst Movie My Bottom I never understand Cars 2 Gets So much Hate Its So Awesome And interesting!!!!

  3. Its El-sa and (soft a) anna. It is set in Norway not Russia and elsa was born with white hair it didn't change. In the story of Rapunzel, Rapunzel's tears do heal his blindness.

  4. You guys remind me of a non-adult language using King and Queen Gothalion. @King Gothalion check out a video or two.

  5. Gameplay footage is good, commentary and narration sucks. Talk more about the game even if it's about other levels and characters. 

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