Forsaken Legends – Persistent World – Multiplayer Open World Procedural Sandbox Game


– Forsaken Legends – Persistent Worlds – Multiplayer Open World Procedural Sandbox Game Made With Unity3D

The Forsaken Legends world is a world that lives and breathes. Imagine a world that continues to exist regardless of player interaction. NPCs will evolve, level up, gather resources, find food, and so on. Economies will change based on supply and demand…and much, much more! Monsters will roam around, level up, prey on each other, attack towns, mate – or, simply put, they will live. Regardless if a player is around, the game world will continue to exist and evolve over time. When players drop unwanted gear, that gear will continue to exist on the ground in bags for other players to find and take. Every interaction with the world by the players or AI persists and influences the world around them.

Simply put, the Forsaken Legends world lives, breathes, and changes. Players can literally shape the world around them by completing quests, which remove problem monsters from the area, harvesting and selling resources to towns, and much, much more! Players will shape the economy through supply and demand, fund town growth, and more!


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1 thought on “Forsaken Legends – Persistent World – Multiplayer Open World Procedural Sandbox Game

  1. just a question… it may be stupid… but if the ai keeps leveling up and keeps on theyre even if players dont be here…. will there be any chance there will be too much high leveled AI or low leveled AI wich will affect how a person can level… for example if theres almost none high level AI so a person needs to find other ways to level… and same on the other way around?

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