Gazillion Bubble Hurricane, Funrise Toys – A Storm of Colorful Bubbles!


​​​Bubble time is easy with the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane from Funrise Toys. Watch as I set it up and show you how it works.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Bubble time at Lucky Penny Shop! I like learning about new bubble machines! We have tested 3 different machines from Gazillion and they all have worked great. Just fill the Hurricane with bubbles, turn it on and you have a back yard filled with bubbles. Watch as we take it outside to see the bubbles floating around in the sun.


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Ready to make tons of bubbles’ It’s easy with the Gazillion Bubble Machine. Fill it up, flip the switch and watch as gazillion amounts of bubbles continuously blow from the Bubble Machine. Requires 6 “AA” batteries, not included. Measures 8″ x 7″.

The original Gazillion bubble machine makes 500 bubbles per minute with the one and only Gazillion Solution.

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فقاعات Gazillion “Gazillion мехурчета” “无数气泡” “Bulles gazillion” “Gazillion Blasen” “טריליוני בועות” “Bolle gazillion” “何億兆の泡” “Gazillion 거품” “Gazillion pęcherzyki” “Gazillion bolhas” “Пузырей gazillion” “Tropecientos burbujas” “Gazillion ฟอง”

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43 thoughts on “Gazillion Bubble Hurricane, Funrise Toys – A Storm of Colorful Bubbles!

  1. i am definitely getting one of these. i am gonna surprise the disney princess characters at disney world with lots of bubbles. they are gonna love them.

  2. Don't recommend this bubble machine mainly for how much solution it takes to keep the bubbles flowing. You will have to purchase the additional 2-liter solution if you want this thing to entertain the kids for a good 20 uses.

  3. i bought something like that from giant tiger for my nieces and nephews, and they went bananas over it.

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  6. I'm thinking that you got a couple of complaints from your neighbours. Correct???? If not, they were probably thinking it in their heads!!!!

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