High Voltage Blackout Slot – BIG WIN SESSION – 5 SYMBOL TRIGGER!


How cool to have a 5 Symbol Trigger on the High Voltage Blackout slot machine by Everi!

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I just can’t get enough of High Voltage Blackout as I try and clear the whole skyline! There are two primary bonus features to help the player achieve that Big Win or Jackpot: The Blackout Bonus and the Respin Bonus.

The Respin Bonus occurs randomly at the conclusion of any paid game, after which the reels will spin up to 5 times. What’s interesting is that each spin will always be a higher value than the previous spin, and yeah, some truly great spins can result from this feature and even a Jackpot!

The Blackout Bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols after you are awarded 5 Picks. What’s (sadly!) interesting is that you don’t receive a scatter award for 3, 4, or even 5 bonus symbols nor do your Picks increase for landing 4 or 5 bonus symbols and that’s a real shame as you should be awarded additional Picks! Especially with the 5-Symbol Bonus Trigger I had in this session!

During the Blackout Bonus the top screen displays a silhouetted skyline with 24 buildings and the bottom screen contains 28 pick buttons where each pick powers up between 2 and 6 buildings. The buildings are categorized into three types: Green, Blue, and Pink and if you power-up all of a particular type, you are awarded a bonus award in addition to the individual building values. Pink buildings are the least valuable with the lowest value being 60 credits at the 300 credit bet level. Green buildings are the most valuable with 1500 credits for the best pick! If you’re lucky enough to power-up the full skyline, you’ll receive a cool $500 bonus for a $3 bet.

Finally, the standard game features “Lightning Multipliers” of 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x. Any winning combination that uses these will be added together for a total multiplier, which can make for some great wins, as you will see, Enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “High Voltage Blackout Slot – BIG WIN SESSION – 5 SYMBOL TRIGGER!

  1. Aren't 5 Symbol Triggers Awesome?! In fact, I have a whole playlist dedicated to them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLznNkypi8Srg32WIJowt5QE5QuZ_qbd_s This list includes my most popular video, Tarzan Grand, where I did the impossible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z37_PFd5OJc

  2. Other than the original walking dead and perhaps 8 petals. THIS has the best random feature ( really a free spin session I've ever seen. )Mark from Canada.

  3. It sucks watching these videos because it makes you think you can win also. Tried this game several times and NEVER won anything.

  4. You're up 600 bucks and whining with every spin? If this is what every video sounds like, I'll pass.

  5. Have i never seen the same slot machine pay out and give so many bonuses. Thanks for the upload and congrats on the win

  6. Dude.. you obviously dont pay attention to your games… you had the bonus like 5 times..each time you atuck to the corners..NEVER play corners on that game. NEVER!!! I guess you saw that eventually…or not.

  7. I know this is an old video but is this at J.A.C.K. (formally Horseshoe) in Cincy???

  8. Nice run up from $100!! I love games by Everi multi media. Hard to find but they rock. Good luck in 2019!

  9. You would never pick the middle I think you have a problem with picking in the middle that's where all the big numbers was

  10. Why do you keep saying "Thanks for watching" , and then you restart with the same amount of money at the same machine?

  11. I got the 5 bonus symbols once, I was disappointed that it didn’t pay anything extra. But I did get the full skyline once at max bet. That was exciting.

  12. Non occorre una laurea per capire che a scegliere nei 4 angoli non arriverà mai a 24. Nessun algoritmo prevede situazioni “geometriche”. E lui imperterrito a scegliere quei cazzo di angoli, poi trova il 3 e dice noooo. Minchia che sveglione!!!

  13. I enjoy your videos very much… also your voice is great and I like your commentary while playing. 😃

  14. I put $200 through one of these machines this morning and didn’t hit crap. I never got a hit over my bet amount. 😫

  15. I played this same game at the hard rock in Mississippi i hit the bonus on the first spin and won 800 bucks on a 3 dollar bet

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