Today, I am sharing a MAX BET session on High Voltage Blackout Slot by Everi. I must be candid…I am not a fan of their games…lots of flash, but sometimes virtually impossible to trigger the features on a high bet. However, this game peaked my interest early on. It has a lot of potential…and is my favorite by the manufacturer. And, yes, that FULL-SCREEN thumbnail is real. It did happen. You’ll just have to tune in to see how it went down. I hope everyone gets a chance to play this one. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe, share and tweet. Your support is always appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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28 thoughts on “HIGH VOLTAGE BLACKOUT SLOT – LIVE PLAY – MAX BET BONUS! – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. I play some money on high bets but also some.just to chill and have fun or if I'm on losing streak I play small bets to not lose my cash for the day so fast..great win

  2. Where was this? My wife and I playing this game at winstar and love it. We have tried other games and always go back to this one. We are planning another trip later this fall to winstar and then possibly a trip to Louisiana in the spring. Do you know if this game is in LA?

  3. went to the MGM in Maryland, sat down, 3 dollar bets, 4th spin in, hit the bonus game, filled out all three rows of buildings, won $650 on it and walked. WOO!

  4. I watch people play this machine and it has somewhat predictable behavior. Slots are set to return a set amount , like 87% or whatever but the computer programming tell it when and how.

  5. I played and won on this last run we made. Down to my last 20 and not ready to leave … .60 bet and $135 bonus! The feature thing scared the crap out of me.

  6. Beautiful hit, regardless of bet size! I'm not sold on this Everi game, I think your likening it to Perfect 8 is right on, supposedly has all that potential but who knows if we'll ever see it! Great showcase of the play! 🙂

  7. No judging on this end😀a win is a win no matter if it's 30 cents or max bet. You do what ya gotta do to survive in a casino. Some days it comes easy other days it can be brutal. Thanks for sharing this !

  8. WOW thats awesome x400 bet , i will be glad if your bet was not $0.30 , $5 lol ;0…..good luck next time Casinomannj

  9. I've seen this game at the casino, but never played it. I'll definitely give it a try now. Regardless of the bet, that full screen of wilds was pretty cool. Thanks for including it.

  10. This game has crazy potential. I tried it out using my free play and was only betting $.60 to get a feel for the game. I hit the tower on column 1, wild reels in columns 2, 3, and 4, and tower X10 in column 5. $600 on a $.60 cent bet. It was unbelievable! love your videos!

  11. Awesome going for the full screen of wilds! And there is potential in that picking bonus which doesn't seem common to see that kind of bonus around anymore and to hit big on it.

  12. I love this game…although I play it at 30 cents not $3. Even at that low bet I have filled in all the buildings (which pays just $57 instead of $570) and I've had many nice wins. Never had a full screen of wilds though. Congratulations on that.

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