How to make Milk Tea Recipe | Boba Milk Tea


Milk Tea I Bubble Milk Tea
2 Bags of Black Tea
2 Cup Hot Water (For the black tea)
1 cup Black Tapioca Pearl (sago)
6-7 cups Water (For cooking sago)
1/2 cup Fresh Milk (for each serving cup)
4 Tbsp Sugar (for each serving cup)
I’m using 22 oz Clear Disposable Cups with Dome lid

1. Put 2 bags of black tea in a cup and pour hot water. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and let it cool.
2. Bring 6-7 cups of water into a boil. Add Black Tapioca Pearl. Stir to avoid it from sticking together. Cook over medium heat. Add water as needed until tapioca is cook and translucent. Drain and wash black tapioca pearl over tap or cold water. Dissolve brown sugar in water and put cooked tapioca pearl to prevent it from sticking together.
4. In a tall drinking glass or disposable cups put cooked Black tapioca pearl at the bottom of the cup. Add sugar or honey. Then pour brewed black tea. Add fresh milk and mix well. Then add chunks of ice to the milk tea. Put lid on the cup and insert big straw.


2 Bags Black Tea ___________________P 7.92
Black Tapioca Pearl _________________P118.00/1 kilo
Fresh Milk ________________________P85.00/ 1 litre
Sugar ____________________________P10.00

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40 thoughts on “How to make Milk Tea Recipe | Boba Milk Tea

  1. I'm an idiot! I made half of the recipe (since I was the only one awake) and I mistakenly forgot 4tbs is for 2 cups. No wonder it was so sweet.


    Ps. My stomach hurts

  2. Tapioca Pearls aren't very common in my country so ill make my self some even though it takes like an hour

  3. Sobrang sarap nga yan 😍😍 may ganyan din po ako sa channel ko peru ibang twist na milk tea po yong ginawa ko sobrang dali at sobrang sarap bagay pang negosyo ngayong mainit na panahon sana mapanood nyo rin yong milk tea ko 😊😍😘

  4. Fun fact about me : when I was little my mom gave me milk tea but I didn’t know what it was so I tought it was coffee and one they I was going to my aunt and asked for coffee ;-;
    Yeah embarrassing >_<

  5. Yo, could someone tell me if th is js real or not? I followed 3 youtube tutorials and ended up with a stomach ache so i don't trust it, but it looks really and yummy

  6. Do you know where I can buys boba.I don t wan t from Amazon because I am not from USA and I don t want to pay 50$ for shipping.Where can I buy boba if I am from Europe.I tried milk tea without boba and it s perfect but I want to try with them because I am curious.Actually I end up here after whatching few c drama and all girl in video drinked milk tea.😂😂😂😂

  7. So actually this is what I have every day for breakfast like it's hot
    Simple it is milk + water after it boils add in black tea and sugar
    Well in India and Pakistan ppl drink thi

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