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Here is the long-awaited updated version of how I like to study! It’s been a while since my last “How I memorized Everything” video, so I thought I would give away a few more of my favorite study tips, and let you in on the ways I like to study.

I have used these study techniques throughout high school, college/university, medical school, and even in residency. They have helped me accomplish a lot and do well on MANY exams over the years. Hopefully, some of these study tips can help you all and help you become more productive and ultimately have more success on exams!

Hope you all Enjoy!

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31 thoughts on “HOW TO STUDY in MEDICAL SCHOOL: 3 Study Tips from a DOCTOR

  1. Great channel! Couple of questions?

    How well do you have to do on STEP to be competitive for IR residency?
    Did you graduating from a DO school put you at a disadvantage now that you look back?


  2. Did you go to class during medical school? Do you think that going to class is a good use of time, with or without recorded lectures?
    Thanks for the tips, great video!

  3. Yep, I struggled in pharmacy school because I’m not a morning person at all. My preceptors hated how often I came in late.

  4. I had a hard time with anki and android so had to stick with my own flash cards on quizlet. I love picmonic, thank you for your video. 🙂

  5. I'm a radiology resident in India and may I knw is thr any chance to work in Canada after my residency get completed??

  6. Watching as I study for an IV exam tomorrow morning ! Picmonic looks super cute, I’m so glad it’s good for all healthcare workers! Thank you for the video, dr – I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow morning for that clutch study window. 🙂

  7. I do really love your videos
    I'm a third year radiology resident in Benin (West Africa) and all your tips help me improve my work and knowledge
    Thanks for all the great work you doing..
    Be blessed
    PS: sorry for my bad english.. I'm still working on it 😅😅

  8. How much are you in debt? After college, Medical school. I’m going to graduate HIGHSCHOOL soon and I don’t want any debt at all. I’m interested in radiology. I wanna go into college debt free. So I’ll do military if necessary.

  9. Idk if you’ve ever watched soccer. But you look like Giorgio chiellini Lmao. Thanks for thanks for the tips!

  10. I have trouble memorizing things. I prefer understanding things rather than rote learning but it doesn't work in school. How can I memorize things more efficiently?

  11. Picmonic reminds me of pathoma.
    Im a doctor in India, I've been trying for sometime to get into residency aka pg seat over here in india..just like USMLE we have neet pg exam over here held once every year(other exams include AIIMS, JIPMER PGIMER, NIMHANS ETC). It consist of 300 McQ's, each correct response carrying 4 marks and each negative response carries negative 1 mark. all subjects are included in neet pg exam.. from anatomy to pediatrics.
    Can you suggest some tips to tackle McQ based exams? My score is bad whenever i try McQ based exams. Please help.

  12. this is how I study: spaced repetition with the app anki (quizlet like app, also free), when taking notes use your own words to summarize, use practice exams to make sure you're prepared, i used pens just so i'm very careful with my dictation, go over lectures after you've read the reading assignments, create your anki cards and then study. what i'm starting to also do is type my notes in a seperate note page on my compuer because i type fast and then later just write it down on a notebook because notes are much better written than typed.
    it's also important to read the chapter name, headings, skim over them from front to back and then back to front, get a glimpse of what the topic is about and then start reading with you knowing mostly what the topic is about. sorry this is a mess but yup!

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