Island Survival in a Magic Realm – Aground Gameplay Impressions 2019


Aground gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Aground and check out a survival crafting game where you’ll build a city from nothing. Rescue villagers, complete quests, and craft weapons and armor!

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33 thoughts on “Island Survival in a Magic Realm – Aground Gameplay Impressions 2019

  1. I dont know about it but your not playing smartly so you consume food auto if you run out of stam you eat bread as stam and theres paths all over the place that youre not going in

  2. I thought you already knew this,I saw the save file with 25 minutes in it,Or its 25 seconds,If it is 25 seconds ignore this

  3. Ay, never thought you'd play this one. I remember having a blast on armorgames with this game a good bit back.

  4. who else was here with the game since the begging and had to keep making a new game every few updates

  5. It'd be cool if more game had a Y-Z format instead of an X-Y format. Then again that's probably just my top-down GameBoy style nostalgia kicking in XP

  6. I like this game, I played the web version and it already had a lot of content. Would love to see a series of how much they've added. I already saw things like portals, advanced towns, and a big crashlanded spaceship. You can also go to the right into the mountain area and fight yetis and grow your own dragons. This was all in the free version so I wonder what they've added to the game.

  7. so words yea 19:49 miner or minor then just listen also can I get a bit more wayward I love that game

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