Leap Ahead with LeapTV and Frozen- Extended


LeapTV: Disney Frozen: Arendelle’s Winter Festival puts mathematics skills in motion for children ages 4-7 years. Playing solo or with a friend, the curriculum grows with each child at her level. (*Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.)

Children sculpt ice, create jewelry from snowflakes and join Queen Elsa, Anna and Olaf for a magical festival using counting, addition, subtraction, place value, shape recognition and number sequencing.

Children get up and moving to become part of an enchanted celebration throughout Arendelle with 5 fun-filled games a child can play on her own or with a friend.* Toss snowballs at sun-loving Olaf in the dunking booth. Twist, turn and spin in the correct number sequence to form an ice skating path for Elsa and Anna. Twirl and wave your hands to select the 2D and 3D shapes Queen Elsa needs to magically create beautiful ice sculptures.

Each of the 5 games brings a child closer to filling her special Keepsake Room with Memory Portraits collected along the way.

“This game celebrates the magic of mathematics and engages children with active play. Players recognize and sequence numbers on snowflakes, identify circles, triangles, cubes and other 2D and 3D shapes to create magical sculptures.”
–Tamas M., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert

Works with LeapTV™ gaming system (sold separately). Internet connection may be required for programming update.

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