Mr. Oizo – Secam


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Mr Oizo – Lambs Anger available here :

Mr Oizo – Pourriture EP available here :

Mr Oizo – Positif EP available here :

Mr Oizo : Stade 3 available here :

Mr Oizo : Stade 2 available here :

Mr Oizo : Wrong Cops OST available here :

Mr Oizo : Steak OST available here :

Mr Oizo : Rubber OST available here :

Mr Oizo : Wrong OST available here :

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31 thoughts on “Mr. Oizo – Secam

  1. Is it weird that I've seen Mawaru and the Magician's Curse beforehand but my reason for discovering this is completely unrelated

    I've just been trying to get into more of Mr. Oizo's music

  2. I'm just commenting out loud any monitor take this from this what you will, I've seen a "choccimilf" turn into "innconent/hot milf" then into "bad mommy milf" into "sexy bad bitch boss milf" then "quirky fun sexy milf bossy bad bitch " in less than a year, suffice to say my dick has been rock hard ever since.
    Shes undercover interpol tho so its all bad

  3. I came here from Mawaru like many others, but unlike most I had a realization. "This is the Flat Eric guy!"

  4. The high pitched tuning fork sound drives me nuts. This is such a good song and that grating part just spoils it.

  5. The comments are either mentioning Oskari from Mawaru the magician's curse or talking about the siIvagunner OFF rip
    I came because of both

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