*NEW* Rarest Gun In The Game! Water Candy Corn LMG! Fortnite Save The World!


*NEW* Rarest Gun In The Game! Water Candy Corn LMG! Fortnite Save The World!


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Video created By Me…. Yes I know I’m stupid

Don’t forget Your gold fish is pregnant

Hello Fortnite Battle royal is about 100 people fight to the death until your the last alive while the storm becomes smaller and smaller you can team up with your friends and get up to 4 people on a team but as well play LTMs which in some LTMs you can have 50 on a team you can get lots of guns and other things to fight against the other opponents.
There is also a PVE Verizon Of Fortnite called Fortnite Save the world you fight against the zombies to defend your base which is your storm shield and do quest to go to other islands you start at stone wood then go to plankerton then canny and finally twine peaks which is the hardest place in the game you can craft guns and trade with other people but watch out for scammers as people will scam you

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39 thoughts on “*NEW* Rarest Gun In The Game! Water Candy Corn LMG! Fortnite Save The World!

  1. I have 1 water candy corn lmg 130 and 5 physical 130 candy corn lmgs if anyone wants to trade for them my homebase but you’ll have to pay a lot (not that much)

  2. Go check this video out https://youtu.be/HqmRlF2CeCk he used to have a full water Candy corn but he shot it in a video.

  3. Not the rarest gun the new rarest gun is the energy nature candy corn and the physical jacko.

    A irl gun is worth 1k so. And it’s not the only one my friends have 50 of them.

  4. Modded guns arent rare its just asking for a ban or be lucky u wont get banned my old acc got banned lucky it was only a stw acc pw 52

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