Nicks AWESOME Game Genie codes NES #12 DRAGON WARRIOR


A series of USEFUL Game Genie codes that will make you want to dig out these classics again & again!

Game Genie codes used in this video:
SXOIVLSA- Infinite Magic
AEVGUIZA- No Damage from Swamp
AAKKEVYA- No Damage from Barriers
TEOPNPAA + IEOOXPYE- Buy Erdrick’s gear at Brecconary Weapons shop.
AOOOXPYE- Buy the Dragon Scale at Weapon shop and receive the Silver Shield & Leather Armor instead!
NKLIVY- Extra items.
TTAAIL- No door to chests in Tantegel Castle.
YELZLE- Skip cave to Rimuldar
YELZYE- Shortcuts to Charlock & to the west.
NALZLS + NALZGS- Cut to Cantlin from the S.E. Island.
GZZYAP- Boosts your Weak Attributes when active.
AATYGA- Level 30 stats when active.
ZTZTLT- Always Excellent attacks!
EZTVEO- 1 successful attack kills!!
PAAKOT- High odds of battle per step.

KOTTZK- The Enemy’s stats = column you’re on. Tantegel Castle sits on [14].
stat order: [1] SLIME; [2] RED SLIME; [3] DRAKEE; [4] GHOST; [5] MAGICIAN; [6] MAGIDRAKEE; [7] SCORPION; [8] DRUIN; [9] POLTERGIEST; [10] DROLL; [11] DRAKEEMA; [12] SKELETON; [13] WARLOCK; [14] METAL SCORPION; [15] WOLF; then starts over with Slimes.

NYSPOTPE + NYVPOTPE- 255 Experience from Blue & Red slimes.
AZYIAT- Enemy at the Breconnary Weapon shop. Combine with KOTTZK for a stronger enemy that gives 240 Experience and over 200 Gold!
GELAYA- Cool sound FX.


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