Nintendo Switch: Monster Energy Supercross Gameplay


Here I play Monster Energy Supercross on the Nintendo Switch. This is the latest Bike supercross that came out this week. I share gameplay and my opinions. Hope you like the video.

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29 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: Monster Energy Supercross Gameplay

  1. My friend u have to stop puss the throttle all the time…when u are in the air u dont have to…but its nice u like it….hi from athens

  2. lol you play the game so bad… you dont say this switch version has ben cut oof and missing alot things from the other versions.

  3. Ya MXGP3 glitches and controls we're bad. Only could play for about half hour. Haven't touched since. This game I hope is better..

  4. You can do air tricks in all mx vs atv games. Even the ones from a couple of years ago. Mx vs atv alive and encore.

  5. Man I want this game so bad but don’t want to pay so much for something I can’t play online multiplayer

  6. Thank you so much for reviewing these games in hand-held mode. For many of us, that's the only view we care about.

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