PERSISTENT KINGDOMS – The future of Persistent World – Mount and Blade: Warband Mod


PERSISTENT KINGDOMS – The future of Persistent World – Mount and Blade: Warband – hey guys, today we are looking at the new Persistent Mod called Persistent Kingdoms for Mount and Blade Warband. Check out their website! –

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24 thoughts on “PERSISTENT KINGDOMS – The future of Persistent World – Mount and Blade: Warband Mod

  1. 6 minutes in and he's said not a single word about what the mod actually does… I just want to know what it does..

  2. Wouldn't it be cool if someone like started a civil war against a faction and other factions get involved and stuff

  3. Hi are they still working on the server? I need some password to join. I tried some Phoenix server but there was disgusting community.

  4. Wondering why nobody made an Ancient Persintent World mod yet? Rome, Barbarians, Egypt and more. Basicly all the stuff from our Bello Civili mod 🙂

  5. Can't wait for the pk server to be up so Fenrir and the sons of odin can fight together!LONG LIVE FENRIR

    but take your time,we and my mates at clan fenrir don't want any lag and stuff,so test everything so it'll be perfect

  6. Okay i love this series but no man, total war should not be forgotten this is your blood . I come here because you are the total war king.

  7. Does this game require a pretty decent computer and specs or would a somewhat decent laptop be able to run it??

  8. This looks like so much fun! My game crashed when i try finding a server (at the server list) and i dont know why

  9. Well, I am going to wait for your server before I play this mod. Great mod, but it got the same old cancerous mods as in PW right now.
    In the EU_Phoenix server, I played as an outlaw and another outlaw attempted to rob me. As we are fighting (I was losing due to high ping), a faction healer jumps in and starts to heal the outlaw, which is totally against the server rule. The outlaw killed me, I wasn't mad about that since I suck, but I had to the right and did complain to the only admin that it was unfair for the outlaw to get heals while we were still fighting. Admin told me to be quiet and didn't punish the outlaw or the hearl (giving me bs excuse), not surprising, as I later walk by the admin and the outlaw who were chatting about when they are going to hang out (in real life) aka they were friends.

  10. If PA is anything like me, he gets really into one game and enjoys it for weeks. But will get back into total war eventually. Or another game. I don’t think he will switch to a M&B channel . (Even though I love that game.)

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