Rend – The Persistent World Co-op Survival Game


Rend brings a new twist to the cooperative survival genre. Not only is your faction at war with rival factions, but matches in Rend are persistent and can take place over the span of a REAL MONTH! Jeremy Wood of Frostkeep Studios joined us to delve deeper into this madness.

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38 thoughts on “Rend – The Persistent World Co-op Survival Game

  1. Coming from scandinavia, in a stright line from the vikings, I always shake my head when americans make games or even movies based on norse history. It always end up something completely stupid like this.

  2. Rend is gonna be for a VERY unique type of player and these types of players, well there isn't many of them. So far I've learned you build,farm and loot the map. You collect all this, build up and hopefully quick enough to win the fight when time is up. Those who lose, lose everything. I've got about 13k hours in between Dayz,Rust and Ark. When someone has to spend days to do something and gets wiped, that's it, they leave and they don't ever return, period. I myself and this very small group of player base enjoy rebuilding for revenge and I'll do it many times over and over. But unfortunately there isn't enough of us, so that may be a problem. Also, I hope the game is in VERY early access because it looks like shit. ^_^ I'll still be getting it but I will be paying close attention to those 2 hours.

  3. Fuck this "Lets show every gameplay ever without UI when in fact there is UI."

    Its misleading and UI in 99% of games is atrocious and designed horribly. Fuck this game.

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