Sleep Meditation: Prayers & Promises (6 Hours)


Sleep Meditation with 6 Hours of Prayers & Promises.

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❤️ “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And on his law he meditates day and night.”
— Psalms 1:2


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39 thoughts on “Sleep Meditation: Prayers & Promises (6 Hours)

  1. Acts 2:38 Repent, be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost ( Death, burial, resurrection)

  2. Dear God give me the rest I need for me and my son I know I need you lord protect me and my son father amen

  3. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ holy Spirit for dealing with in quite listening submitting worshipping sensitive to your voice John 10

  4. This is great but mann haha 7mins in at 4:42am, I've just decided I'm going to get dressed and go for a walk around the block. 😂❤

  5. The # 1 thing I want to do in life is to serve you God. The # 2 thing is to help your people, I want to help people be reunited with their families and to help families with their immigration needs.

    I have not been successful at the first 3 exams but i pray God that you take control of my purpose.

    Please pray for me when I sit my for my final time. I feel God's presence now than ever before! Thank you!

  6. Lord I am sorry for my sins and seek your forgiveness please show me your mercy, grace and forgiveness. Please remove my anxiety and worries so that I am able to trust you completely and go forth with strength and peace. Finally Lord please use me as an instrument as your will it will be a great honour. Thank you Lord. Amen 🙏

  7. It isn't ad free! THAT'S FINE BUT IT ISN'T TRUE! If you don't want an ad blasting in your ears skip past 15 minutes. Then again why even…

  8. I pray me and my future girlfriend/wife start maintain a very very strong relationship, in the future because I do want to be with this woman forever. I love this woman so much and I don't want my sentimental, emotional feelings for her to change. She was the whole reason why I wanted to be a better young man not only towards other woman and but better with other people in general. My feelings for this woman will remain strong forever (no matter what other many many really beautiful female comes across my path I'm staying commited to only her. I pray i only stay commited to her. I will only stay commited to her. Even if the worse things happen. I will always love this woman.) because she was first woman that was interested in my favorite hobbies she is a relatable human being. She made me really want to become a better person all the time. God please make me and her inseperable. But I hope i renew and condense my art skills because I do plan on making a living with it. Also making an iconic comic that'll be remembered by 100 millions of ppl as one of the greatest comic books. It'll be remembered by many ppl for 1,000 and 1,000 of years. I have some really deep questions I want to ask. I want to learn. Give the books and knowledge. I want to make stunning works years to come..(Put me through that insane honeymoon phase I was in with this woman from 2018 and make it everlasting.) I don't ever want to stop loving this woman. I don't want feelings for her to change ever In this lifetime. Her name echoes in my head, she's just that one person that I want to see happy for a long, long time. I just want to always and only the most kindhearted, good things the best things for her for as long as I'm alive. I'll be willing to do all her chores and cook and clean for her all the time. I will be her maid for the rest of my life.What ever she needs and wants she can have it from me forever. In Jesus name! I'll always support her. I genuinely really care about this woman. Nothing would make me more happy than to see her extremely happy. In Jesus name, I pray

  9. Hi everyone my name is Corry I ask you guys please keep me in your daily prayers for my mental and spiritual health and pressure headaches

  10. Please pray for the reunification of me and my son. The system is abusing me because I have asked for help. I know not to worry because Jesus is working on everything. Please pray for us. He is 1 and a half. The father was not healthy nor mentally stable and I have done everything on the case plan the judge ordered but the people responsible for helping me and my son be reunified (Lutheran Services) and Directions for Living are admitting that they put me on the back burner even though my family paid out of pocket to get the tasks done quicker since no one is doing their job or what they said they'd do. Please pray because many mother's have lost their babies to the system because of the system. Praise God I WILL MOT BE ONE OF THEM! I was and ALWAYS WILL NE A GOOD AND LOVING MOTHER!!!

    I DONT DO DRUGS, I DONT SMOKE, IM MOT VIOLENT, I DONT DRINK, I WORK AS FRO T DESK OF A HOTEL. Sorry for all caps. I'm on my phone and I'm too lazy right now to go back, delete, and retype everything.

    Please pray for me.
    My name is Sara and I live in Florida.

    Please pray and prophesy my and my son's happy reunification and please play for my baby boys blessings and favor from God.

    This is injustice. Please pray for me and my family.

    Thank you. God bless

  11. I want my anxiety to go away completely. I want to be happy being single if that is your will God. I want to go out and do my work with confidence.

    Lord please take this pain of loneliness away. Please take this scared little girl away from me for good. I want to be the woman I am meant to be in your eyes Lord.

  12. Got a denial for a job but they want to speak with me in the morning. Trusting God to work it out and do a miracle! Amen

  13. Be careful believers in God or Jesus Christ in listening to any other recordings as yes you will listen to 2 hours of blessings or what sounds like a blessing and then these creeps slip in a curse which then an unclean spirits attaches to because you by listening to it for you gave permission to (especially )this guy that reads it(whatever his name is he is a new age dude-a satanist! You can find his witchcraft for OBE or astral travel on YT) and these wicked spirits attach. Please listen to me, go to my channel. Look at the godly material NOT anything else as it is a cover. I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father God , Lord Jesus Christ please open their spiritual eyes and ears so they can recognize all witchcraft on this channel. I ask for an increase in spirit discerning in Jesus Christ mighty name , Amen! Also, hear how this guy ask for only this one night of peace?! God’s children deserve a peaceful night of sleep every night as the scripture commands it! Use scripture beloved and begin to program your mornings and nights. Spirits will fight you but they must comply, elementals must comply so command them decreeing and declaring. With this being said, you can copy declarations from other people but just never ever mindlessly repeat all their prayers, read them first and insert your own quotes that guarantee you a night of sleep from the Bible because it’s The true living word of God/Jesus Christ and devils must obey!!!! Amen

  14. I’m disgusted with all your sneeky spells to program the believers for gluttony and to program them to eat upon awakening! PEOPLE WAKE UP! Never ever fall asleep listening to this nonsense! Break the spells with the blood of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen. God is coming to judge you but my job is to pray for you.

  15. Pray for me and for my husband.he left me.Lord is merciful but humans are not ,Thank you for your video. This helps me lot…

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