Starks at War! – Mount & Blade Persistent world


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46 thoughts on “Starks at War! – Mount & Blade Persistent world

  1. I facepalmed when it said House stark is now hostile towards house mormont, House mormont has sworn allegiance to the starks

  2. 13:50 "The Starks are doing very well and there's some of our best fighters." Meanwhile Lord_Blackfish is savagely beat to death while standing still not putting in any effort xD

  3. Ok so I have a few questions. I downloaded the mod on ModDB and did all the stuff and it shows up and works but which server am I supposed to join. I see all the servers idk if that's normal or not. I would prefer to join this server if anyone knows who it is and could tell me that would be great. Idk if anyone will see this but if you do and could provide some help that would be great! Thanks!

  4. I joined the server today…. saw a group called "3rd reich of germany" and another called "memestars"… then i promptly logged off after facepalming and still considering to just outright delete the module

  5. this is cool. its a bit like elder scrolls online pvp in cyrodiil without the high fantasy elements. would like to see a full game that is based around this kind of pvp. all the similar upcoming stuff do not seem deep in the right areas. we have the technology to put hundreds of players in the same area, they need to realize this is the kinda stuff people want.

  6. Wish I could play PW with you, unfortunately us Aussies have over 300 ping on your servers an no one plays PW on Aussie servers anymore

  7. This Game is looking amazing!! I never ever heard about it and Iam ashamed now xD . Love your Videos Dude! Keep them coming!!

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