Take Your Pills | Official Trailer [HD] ] Netflix


“Adderall, side effects may include being awesome at everything.” But at what cost? Take Your Pills, streaming only on Netflix March 16th.

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Take Your Pills | Official Trailer [HD] ] Netflix

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20 thoughts on “Take Your Pills | Official Trailer [HD] ] Netflix

  1. I took Addreall for 6 years. It was great for the first two years, then it became something else. Ultimately it led to depression, a short temper and a diminished sex drive. After stopping, it took two more years to start feeling normal again.

  2. I had legally been on Adderall for A.D.D since 2012. I stopped taking it 7 months ago and I have never felt more aware in my life. It always lowered my heart rate and anxiety attacks. Just saying. I now have my medical cannabis card, instead of anxiety or depression pills.

  3. Very good documentary. It's apparent intelligent people created this show, it shows all sides and does so in a nicely organized way. You get a chance to see the drug industry is no different than anything else today, like TV shows, websites, music, they all create things with one goal in mind: clicks/listens/views/sales/money. You see that they create drugs for the sole intention to make something that people reallyyy like. PERIOD. When they do it's like hitting the lottery, or making a hit song, hit show. Adderall has been a white unicorn, everyone loves it for how it makes them feel, and not because it's an effective treatment of a condition. Eye opening stuff.

  4. I freaking loved this documentary. Everyone Meth’d out. Lol it literally didn’t ever say anything bad about it

  5. Take your pills and watch more stupid documentaries… actually only americans can believe this shits… only americans can think to advertise drugs with <documentaries>…. This is unacceptable….tragic……….. WAKE UP PEOPLE……………………………………………………………….

  6. Gotta say, 30mg of addy has saved me more than once during finals week or when I need to write a paper. It's not a magical pill that you take and your work will be done for you, BUT it will make you the most focused you have ever been – for hours at a time.

  7. I suffer from adhd and let me tell you this medication is not to be messed around with. I hate taking it most days.

  8. Adderal dosent help me.tho stop making it seem like it's the perfect pill when not everyone has the same effects to it!!!!

  9. After having watched this documentary I am appalled. I am absolutely disgusted and disappointed by the misinformation that this is spreading. The documentary doesn’t show the daily struggles of those who actually suffer from ADHD and those who benefit from their medication when taking them as prescribed. People with ADHD can go their entire lives believing that they are stupid because they have not received the proper treatment (not that it works for everyone who suffers from ADHD). One of the most frustrating and hurtful comments made in the documentary was by a young man claiming that people should just teach kids to focus. ADHD is not caused by bad parenting. It is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This documentary should be removed from Netflix to prevent further spread of misinformation.

  10. so adderall if im already one of the elite in my school with adderall i can take my teacher job ^^ i guess

  11. As someone with ADHD, here is my view.

    I don't take Adderal I take methylphenidate. But I have never:
    – Felt my medication 'kick in'
    – Felt like I can do anything because of my medication
    – Felt like I was strong/faster because of my medication

    Overall the effect is less like making it easier to focus, and more just reducing distractions. It's like the difference between shortening a track, and removing barriers that are spread out along it.

  12. i have ADHD and take the pills but those pills are not some superpower they have so many side effects and downsides if anything i would like to stop taking them but i can't go through college without it. These pills are meant to help those who can't do it without it not some doping for people who don't need it to abuse.

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