Top 10 Best PS3 Open World Games of All Time


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Grand Theft Auto V ($20.93)
Okami HD ($13.99)
Red Dead Redemption ($11.54)
Batman: Arkham City ($13.50)
Borderlands 2 ($9.99)
Minecraft PS3 Edition ($16.99)
Dark Souls II ($14.85)
Far Cry 3 ($4.99)
Assassin’s Creed II ($14.30)
Infamous 2 ($7.97)

GTA 5 gameplay by theRastaGamer (kisfiu87). Watch full gameplay here:

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47 thoughts on “Top 10 Best PS3 Open World Games of All Time

  1. The Saboteur should’ve been here. The game is full of soul and nothing like it. Tons of outpost and side missions and collectibles.

  2. Were is Fallout and Skyrim ? Hah? Doesent make Sense that Okami gets more playscore than These games or Mafia 2… really unfair

  3. My two cents: GTA V is overrated, Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas belong on the list I don't care who gets knocked out (Dark Souls maybe since its borderline an open-world game? Oh and Minecraft sucks.

  4. I actually like Batman Arkham Origins. Of course Arkham City was better but I think Origins gets way more criticism than it deserves.

  5. FarCry is a beautiful looking game but I've never been a fan of first person. Even when I play Skyrim I jump back and forth with it being in 3rd person the majority of the time unless I need to specific aiming on something. FarCry should have put the same option into their games…. I don't know, I just don't feel like first person is all that emersive, and the reason for it is that it's like tunnel vision… I have extremely good peripheral vision (in real life) so when I try to play games in 1st Person it pretty much illuminates my peripheral vision and I just can't roll like that.

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