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33 thoughts on “Top 10 PS3 and Xbox 360 RPGs

  1. Star Ocean The Last Hope was good, but Star Ocean The Second Story was phenomenal. SO2 was and still is one of the greatest RPGs ever made. The voice acting in the PSP is a nice addition, but i prefer the voices from the original. Claude sounds whiny and kind of wimpy.

  2. I adore Eternal Sonata and its battle system, as well as its music.

    It may not be flawless, but, it's still beautiful and memorable in its own right.

    The battle system is one of my favorite I've seen in an RPG to date, if I had to nitpick about it (the battle system) at all, I'd say that guarding is a bit of a bitch, because you have to time it just right (and I'm not good with timing), but, that's hardly enough to make it unenjoyable (for me).

  3. This top 10 is literally probably my top 10 rpgs in general! SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eternal sonata!!! I was trying to play this on Xbox one but not in the store…gonna hook up the 360 just for this

  5. Mine would be:

    1. Lost Odyssey (characters, great narrative, 1000 years of dreams stories!!!) The only game of this generation that really gave me the feels

    2. Nier (crazy ass story, love it, makes you think for weeks)

    3. Vesperia (great characters, Rapede is a badass)

    4. Ni no kuni (mainly because of Drippy lol)

    5. FF XIII and XIII-2 (didn't like any of the two that much anyway)

    Played a few others but none really memorable.

  6. i'm mixed when it comes to this era of jrpgs besides the tales of games and nier 1 i never liked alot of the jrpgs that came out at this time and played more wrpgs.

  7. So i have a reason to play ff13. The first sign of the apocalypse.
    Also i loved Vesperia, WAY more than zesteria and bersaria. Vesperia was just so much more fun to play

  8. Star Ocean was trash… I fell asleep so many times during the game. Was barely able to beat because I got so bored and the story was too Japanese and unrealistic. Was really a letdown because it was known as the Square version of Tales of and I've wanted to play the series for a long time.

  9. FFXIII-2 failed for the simple reason that in the main game, it tells you do buy the DLC to unlock core features of the game (Such as the colosseum).

  10. I am a newcomer to Trails of Cold Steel but wow have I noticed those games get a lot more attention recently! They are a must play for me eventually. Tales of Graces F and Eternal Sonata I played recently and they are both wonderful RPGs. Eternal Sonata I believe will go down as one of the most memorable RPGs of the PS3 generation and will be remembered for its amazing story, well done to the creators of that game.

  11. What I dislike about blue dragon: when you kill the final boss you can't continue. The game ends right there and each time you load the game you are outside the last boss, yes you can leave the area and explore the world.

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    [​0:45] – 10) 3D Dot Game Heroes
    [​1:43] – 9) Blue Dragon
    [2:55] – 8) Star Ocean 4
    [4:32] – 7) Tales of Graces F
    [5:43] – 6) Eternal Sonata
    [​6:53] – 5) Lost Odyssey
    [8:00] – 4) Final Fantasy 13-2
    [9:27] – 3) Trails of Cold Steel 2
    [​10:31​] – 2) Tales of Vesperia
    [11:47] – 1) NiNoKuni

  13. Loving your content, man. As a fellow gay man, it's nice to hear some great RPG content from you. Are you excited for the FFVII remake? Or do you have a bit of trepidation, like me?

  14. Tales of Vesperia – I mean, you already know why.

    Mass Effect 1 – Not a (J)RPG(I don't like the signifier of J to differentiate RPGs, because the first people I encountered using it were talking about RPGs in a negative light), but an in depth RPG with RPG elements that matter way more than later items in the series.

    Dark Souls – While being an action based RPG known for difficulty and widely popularized the series, which its predecessor but equally good game Demons' Souls failed to do, it still is an RPG with extensive RPG elements injected into a successful 3-D rendition of Metroidvania style gameplay dripping with atmosphere. I know you'd be hesitant to play it, probably as hesitant as I am to give into my brother's demands and play Trails of Cold Steel (watching him play when he's here on vacation is enough for me, honestly), but it got its popularity because of just how amazing of a game it is. The thing I've always appreciated about it, is that if you are willing to grind and make use of the RPG attributes, which they fully expect you to do, you can trivialize any section you're having problems with, with the use of magic, miracles, and pyromancy. In addition to that you have a plethora of equipment pieces at your disposal, so you just have to break on through to the other side. Best of all, it's literally a JRPG :^).

    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn – Yeah, I know, this list is PS3/360 games, but I said fuck that noise, because there were other RPGs on the Wii that weren't on the 360/PS3 that were contemporaries of those games. This is one of them, and it is my favorite entry in the Fire Emblem series. It's a bit rough around the edges, being the second 3-D Fire Emblem, but I love it with all my heart.

    Xenoblade, also on Wii

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – 360 – earlier on than Skyrim. Carries unique creatures to the Elder Scrolls world, and has memorable NPCs and quests, as well as in game books and an expansion that's pretty much a second game tacked on with a few less quests. Open world and action oriented, but tied to attritbute and skill system with a unique leveling up system similar to Morrowind's. My favorite entry in The Elder Scrolls series so far.

    Super Paper Mario, also on Wii

    And I guess my list stops at 7, because without series overlap, there just haven't been as many RPGs that grab my attention to even play, and honestly I don't consider a lot of games to be RPGs that say, google would consider if you did a search on them.

  15. Great list! I feel like you are the only person who likes RPGs as much as I do 😉 These are my favorites:

    1. Lost Odyssey
    2. Ni No Kuni
    3. Tales of Xillia
    4. Blue Dragon
    4. FFX Remaster? (Tales of Vesperia if that doesnt count.)

  16. Tales of Graces F is my absolute favorite tales game. It’s perfectly made, and it has a lot of flow, and always something new to find. It also has my favorite RPG character of all time Cheria Barnes.

  17. wow… XIII-2 over XIII? Also, I know your focus is JRPGs, but maybe you should put the "J" in the titles too…

  18. For me, Eternal sonata is No1last remnant maybe my No2, resonance of fate may squeeze in the top ten also.

    Honourable mention to magna carta 2 as its my wife’s favorite

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