The PS3 has a good library of PS3 JRPG’s and I’ve decided to have a list of the Top 20 JRPG’s of all times. Please don’t forget to “SUBSCRIBE” down below and hit “NOTIFICATION BELL ICON” to receive latest videos on my channel!


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18 thoughts on “TOP 20 PS3 JRPG'S OF ALL TIME

  1. Final Fantasy XIII was the first FF that i didn't finish; story, gameplay, characters…just about everything about it was a let down for me.

  2. I feel like the only person who didn't really like Ni No Kuni. I didn't get around to playing it until recently and after hearing such good things, I was disappointed. The graphics were excellent, I'll give it that, but without those graphics the game would have been nothing special, and if your game doesn't have something special about it without the graphics, that's a big problem. Those graphics will one day be obsolete and the game will no longer stand out.

    Think about the old RPGs–the ones with very obsolete graphics that are still viewed as being some of the greatest of all time like FFVII and Xenogears (Oh God, Xenogears….there's nothing like it). I guess from all I'd heard I'd hoped Ni No Kuni was up there with games like that. I found the familiar system irritating at best, infuriating at worst. Leveling up familiars and then having to level them again and again as they morphed was just awful. The battle system was very run-of-the-mill and the story only had a couple of minor twists that you could see coming from a mile away.

    I completely respect others' opinions on games, because we all like different things. What I'm curious to know is what EXACTLY people found so wonderful about Ni No Kuni other than the graphics? So far, I keep hearing it recommended, but the only thing really touted about it is the graphics. Maybe I would find the whole thing less frustrating if I could understand others' point of view and what precisely they liked about this game. Perhaps I'm missing something.

    Sorry about the novel here, lol, but anyone who sees this, please feel free to explain what you liked so much about Ni No Kuni. I'd really like to be able to see what everyone else seems to.

  3. Ni No Kuni its the best RPG of the ps3!!!! only for this game i have a ps3 and some others exclusive games only on a ps3.

  4. I have to say, i have played almost every game that appears in the video and i have to agree with you (with some exeptions). It´s a great video
    To be honest, i didin´t finish Escha & Logy nor Eternal Sonata ( i didn´t liked them), so i would´n put them above Xillia o Ar Tonelico, but that´s me.
    I like that you are not like everybody with the FFXIII, i agree that is not the best one, but is a great game. Every comment about the game that i read is that is a game that should´n exist only because the battle system sucks, but i think that that is the only bad about the game (is not that i like the battle system, but i don´t hate it either). The story, the conflicts between characters and the lack of a clear objective make up for it.
    My first place goes to Trails of Cold Steel. Ar Tonelico was the reason i bought my PS3 (after i played the first two games, i would´n miss the third), but Cold Steel was the reason i bought my PS4 after i heard that CS3 was going to be a PS4 exclusive (back in 2017). Btw, i hate Alisa, i hated her in the first two, and i still hate her in the third. To be completly honest, i hate that the game give you the option to choose a female character to develop a relationship, but constantly push you toward a certain character, the same can be said of the Ar Tonelico series. I think that the Agarest series is better in that particular point. I mean, if the developers wants that the main character end in a relation with a certain character, then don´t give options.

  5. I wanted to take a break from the ps4 and decided to look for some old ps3 action and turn base Jrpgs. Ive only played all the tales games (favorite jrpg series) on ps3 and I got star ocean 4 on the ps4. I'm a bit skeptical if I should take recommendations from this video. I wanted to get back into turn based jrpgs after I got bored of them by playing many of the old school ones. But you put Final Fantasy 13 and 13/2 rather high and I've heard nothing but bad things and mixed feelings about them. If it's worst or on par with Final fantasy 15, then I'll definitely pass. The high school simulator in Persona isn't my cup of tea as well as the gameplay in the first Ni No Kuni. I might go back and play some of the old Atelier games if I happen to like Ryza, I'm quite interested in that game. There's just a big difference in my views and the ones portrayed in the video. Seeing Graces higher than both Xillia games confirmed that. Xillia 2 Is my second favorite Tales game, first being Berseria, also being my favorite game on ps4. the only thing I liked about Graces was the fact that you could go to another planet via space ship. I have the Disgaea games on psp for whenever I feel like playing them and the Trails in the whatever series is too much for me to get into. Other than that, no other games on this list piqued my interest.

  6. Guided Fate of Paradox is not the same gameplay with Disgaea:(it's a dungeon crawling game) but they have the same developer.. it's an honest mistake and I haven't played that game yet tbh ..

    PS Vita:

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