Top Ten Must Have PS3 RPGs


Stuck on what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as they list and discuss ten of the greatest Playstation 3 RPGs the system ever received. Many great RPGs released for the PS3 so let us know your top 10 best games down below!

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38 thoughts on “Top Ten Must Have PS3 RPGs

  1. Respect for dragons dogma! I must have spent two months straight playing that (and only that) game. Going through BBI to slay some cursed dragons/Damien (whatever his name is) was a fun challenge.

  2. Everyone that enjoys action RPGs must must MUST play Reckoning. It is one of the best action RPGs ever developed and the combat system is amazing and fun as hell. Please play it!

  3. Heres a few more you bizarrely missed off this list for some unknown reason…

    Oblivion GOTY
    White Knight Chronicles remastered
    Kingdoms of Amalur
    Dragon Age Origins
    FF 13
    FF 13-2
    FF 13-3
    Tales of Graces F
    Tales of Xillia
    Tales of Xillia 2
    South Park:The Stick of Truth

  4. I really love the trail of cold steel series I’m looking to eventually pick them up for PS4 possibly later this year.

  5. I had the most fun with kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning tbh. And probably unpopular opinion but I found oblivion to be much more entertaining than Skyrim.

  6. I've only even heard of a few of them actually have Skyrim legendary edition and dark souls and I can tell you that it is a highly frustrating game was tempted more than once to frisbee the disc out of the window lol

  7. It does my heart well to see Trails of Cold Steel on here. Such a good game. I finally beat it last week after years of putting it off, and was so blown away by the ending, I've already put 25 hours into the sequel in less than a week

  8. Tales of Graces-f and Xillia 2 were way better (Xillia 2 has more content), but I also have the Symphonia Chronicles, enjoyed the spinoff.

  9. Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Graces f, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning and Dragon Age Inquisition.

  10. Gotta be honest, Tales of Symphonia is my outright LEAST favorite tales game of the 5 i have played. I found both it and Ni No Kuni to be massive disappointments.
    As a massive fan of Studio Ghibli (I own 17 Ghibli movies) i was especially disappointed with Ni No Kuni. It would have genuinely been better as a movie, because the gameplay was horrendously boring and repetitive. I also REALLY hate Oliver. All 3 of the main characters annoy me to some degree, but he is the greatest offender for one primary reason. He is one of the least intelligent protagonists i have ever seen. He's 13 years old and he still can't make incredibly obvious logical deductions. That is shameful levels of stupid.

    As others have said, i'm most surprised that Valkyria Chronicles wasn't on this list. Resonance of Fate i own but while the gameplay was interesting, it's far too grindy for my tastes and while the story is interesting, it is poorly paced. But by contrast, Valkyria Chronicles has great visual style, good story pacing, simple yet fun strategic gameplay, and likeable characters. I was genuinely surprised at how much i enjoyed it.

  11. Dude your videos would be awesome if you would just put some personality in your voice. You sound like Ben Stein on the clear eyes commercial, putting me to sleep. Are you trying not to wake up your roommates or something?

  12. I am so glad that Eternal Sonata is getting recognized. Sure it took me a very long time to finish because I kept getting stuck. But I loved it.

  13. i agree with pretty much all of these, though i feel ni no kuni is now not only a must have ps3 title with the remaster its now also a must have ps4 or nintendo switch title,

  14. drop skyrim. It is absolute trash on the ps3 and becomes unplayable after a while. Replace it with valkyrie chronicles, resonance of fate, tales of xillia, kingdom hearts, record of agarest war, etc.

  15. I think having Persona 5 on the list is kind of a cop out, considering it was definitely pushed harder for the PS4 platform. I would have had Dragon Age Origins, FFXIII-2, or Nier in its place.

  16. Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen is hands down one of the BEST games ever made and one of the staple games from the PS3. SO glad it got released on multiple other platforms. It is hands down (next to dark souls) the best game from this list.

  17. In my opinion Star Ocean doesn't deserve being in any "top jrpg". Even FFXIII is a far better game than that. And I d have mentioned Xillia over the Symphonia remaster.

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  19. By starting out with Eternal Sonata; I'd hoped that this list would be rife with titles that could only be played on the PS3…. Then we devolve (no offense) into mainstream picks from Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim? These latter two from a technical standpoint are best played on PC specifically. Nier (the 1st) and the criminally underrated Resonance of Fate/Edge of Eternity would easily be far better inclusions.
    Though as by now in 2020 we have Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean The Last Hope International, Nii no Kuni and Trails of Cold Steel on the PC so there's that. If you leave out even these then perhaps a discussion of the likes of White Knight Chronicles would have been in order.

  20. Yes except for the fact that the PS3 version of Symphonia is simply the worst, you're much better off having the GC or even the PC version

  21. What is known as a RPG has sure changed with the times, you still get the traditional JRPG but I see more FPS and Soul like games at present. Nice to see your list included all kinds of RPGs.
    Also, trying to put games in a particular genre is getting harder by the day.

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