TROLLING & Farming Candy Corn – (How I Got Almost 1000 Candy Corn!)


One beautiful day I was playing Rocket l decided that I would try to farm candy corn. I wasn’t yet sure if this would even be possible, but I had a few ideas for how to do it. In this video I go through my learning experience. You’ll see how farming works and all the funny situations I got myself into with other farmers in-game. A FUN WAY TO BREAK THE HALLOWEEN EVENT, EH?

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22 thoughts on “TROLLING & Farming Candy Corn – (How I Got Almost 1000 Candy Corn!)

  1. I'm already predicting a lot of people saying that these methods of farming won't work anymore. Please watch the whole video. This isn't supposed to be a tutorial teaching you how to farm. It's more like a "Funny Moments" thing. Just try to enjoy this video and see it as fun entertainment.
    Thanks guys.

  2. “You’re a criminal, how are you gonna snitch on someone else when you’re doing the same thing”

    6ix9ine intensifies

  3. I got 1.3k without trying lol, I got every item as many times as I could and still had that much. I didn't use any glitches or stuff

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