Ultimate Streamer Rage Compilation 2018! (Twitch RAGE Moments)


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42 thoughts on “Ultimate Streamer Rage Compilation 2018! (Twitch RAGE Moments)

  1. Man me my sis and cousin are the dream team of bubg my cousin drives I just fucking kill every one up close with shot gun and sis snipes so we just win no matter what lol

  2. 5:13 Pokimane is right people do look at women like some toy or something but there not there a living person with feelings the same as you. So she just said what’s been going on.

  3. bruh are u serious, the third one is so retarted that shiz is so f*n expensive
    and also the one where he says how the people play etarted fortnite i agree, what a retarted game

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