VEGAS Pro 17 VS Premiere Pro 2019 – What's Different

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Today we will be comparing VEGAS Pro 17 with Premiere Pro 2019! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button below as well! Stick around for more content!

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41 thoughts on “VEGAS Pro 17 VS Premiere Pro 2019 – What's Different

  1. Video starts late, like 6 minute mark. Then when we finally get to the differences and what each program is capable of "Im not gonna read what theyre all capable of that would take like 30 minutes". Cool.

  2. Should have gone for that 30min video to go through the actual differences with a conclusion at the end instead of reading through websites.

  3. Vegas Pro – can run on low ram with good Quality (minimum is 2-4 gb ram) / Premiere Pro – can't run on low ram with good good quality (minimum is a 8-gb ram :D) gg

  4. Hoi Alex, hoor net in je video dat je uit NL komt? Lachen, nooit gedacht!
    Dus meteen maar geabonneerd, ik werk zelf nu met Vegas pro 16 en wil naar 17, een upgrade is €199,00, denk je dat 365 een betere keuze kan zijn als ik elk jaar of 2 jaar upgrade?

  5. Okay, so stop talking about the video editing software and start talking about your chair. Which brand, do you recommend, how satisfied you are with and what is the price range? 🙂

  6. I've been using Vegas since version 3 and I've used Premiere here and there. I will say this, for me Vegas has been the most intuitive, easy to use, and fast in terms of getting things done. In Premiere you have to do a series of clicks before you start anything, it's frustrating.

  7. Hasn't Vegas Pro been sold by Sony since a while? Also it is available as a subscription. This video seems a bit out of date even for being september 2019

  8. Honestly I just wanna make amv and stuff like amv.crisis or other pro editors on Instagram tbh and thanks btw for the tip

  9. Vegas pro: Easier to use, but still good for videos and editing.

    Premiere: Extremely hard to use, but way more features.

    That is my opinion

  10. Vegas movie maker platinum crashes constantly, although my PC should be fine – i7 9700k, RTX 2060 Super, 16GB RAM can anyone help me?

  11. uhhh for a video describing different editing softwares, this guy is reallyyyyyyyyyy bad at editing.

    So many jump cuts

  12. big vegas pro user for many years, but im offical just starting with Premiere pro. For sure a lot of difference and more complicated with PP. Sony vegas is alot easier for sure, but I think it just comes down to knowledge and experience. It takes time to learn anything.

  13. Not gonna hate on u cause I think you work really hard and its appreciated but…
    a side by side key feature comparison, workflow, render speeds, available plug ins etc. That's is what I think people would want to see. Compatible file types for both render and use in your edit would have been essential. System resource usage, which is fastest at what. Just general usage comparisons. Also u have links for Magix but none for Adobe so the review feels Bias with no grounding. This is why your getting negative feed back here. Best to always show us what makes one better than the other. All the best.

  14. I just started yesterday with video editing with Adobe Premier Pro, personaly i feel just more familier with Premier pro, its acctually easier for me to learn.
    Now i can cut, putting some simple effects on it, fill in funny memes, rendering etc.
    Im not a genius but maybe a bit smart xD

    It wasnt acctually hard for me to get into it because i really wanted to learn how to cut, and i think YOU can do that too!

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