Vintage Tabletop Bowling Game


This is a bowling game that was in my grandparents house when I was a kid. Sometimes when visiting them we would set it up and play a few games.

It has metal balls that you bowl by rolling them down a wooden ramp. You aim the shot by positioning the ramp. The alley has gutters, and a ball return on the side.

The label says:
Fellowcrafters, Inc.
Complete Handicraft Service & Supplies
Boston, Massachusetts

Creative Commons license music: “At Rest” from

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34 thoughts on “Vintage Tabletop Bowling Game

  1. thats real cool, they have one similar to this on amazon for $50 also made of wood and steel balls. 'gosports' mini bowling set.

  2. It would be cool if I could build something like this.

    I bought this mini bowling set with 10 plastic pins, a metal marble sized ball & a laminated paper lane that rolls up.

    If I could build something like this, I would glue the paper alley to the wood & make sure it's straight.

    I also said I'd like to build a separate 1 for Canadian 5-pin bowling.

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  4. The pins should be Candlepin instead of Ten pin cause the score card,3 balls and spaces between the pins are perfect for Candlepin

  5. I have one from1920-or1930. I have two shoots but not all the pins. Should I try and sell it or just toss it?

  6. To anyone who wanted to ask why sad music is in the background and why he's showcasing us this, read the desc. He was trying to relive with his memory by doing this.

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