Zombie Pogo Stick Super Jumper Game Android Gameplay HD


Zombie Pogo Stick Super Jumper Game Android Gameplay HD (by Power Gaming) #pryszardgaming

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Today you are going to jump using modern trendy device – a pogo stick! But you’re not an ordinary stickman jumper – you are zombie ragdoll! Avoid accidents, hop forward and have fun with Zombie Pogo Stick Super Jumper Game!

Modern trends and sports are so amazing! A pogo stick is a device for jumping off the ground in a standing position, through the aid of a spring, or new high-performance technologies – so try it right now and even without leaving your room!

Learn how it is to become a super pogo jumping athlete! Do your best to keep your balance right, avoid falls and crashes and keep your zombie ragdoll safe and sound – or just have fun! Enjoy bone breaking crashes, exciting accidents and nerve-shredding pogo action!
Earn points for successfully completed levels and different chests collected on your way! Unlock different colorful skins for your zombie dummy and buy new interesting pogo sticks or new interesting locations to play!

Challenge yourself with different obstacles on your way! Get to the top of the contest table, follow the trail of brains and tune up your zombie mannequin with Zombie Pogo Stick Super Jumper Game!

Zombie Pogo Stick Super Jumper Game features:
• Interesting pogo jumping contest – with a zombie ragdoll
• Chance to challenge yourself with various obstacles and locations
• Various ways to unlock interesting skins, funny hats, and pogo sticks
• Colorful and trendy 2D surroundings

Jumping challenges have never been so exciting! Check your skills in balancing and maneuvering down the fantastic surroundings, variate your game with awesome hats and skins and do nothing but enjoy Zombie Pogo Stick Super Jumper Game!

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